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Product Use


What is the coverage of your products?


Can I use a pressure washer to apply product?

Can the Wash Safe powders be applied with a hose-end spray applicator?

Can your product be used on a wet surface?

What is the white powder on the surface of my decking after cleaning my composite deck?

Can you roll the Composite Sealer onto the deck?

What time of day is best for applying the Composite Deck Sealer?


Do your products come with a guarantee?

What is the guarantee on the Composite Deck Sealer?

Storing Products

What's the best way to store Wash Safe products?


Shipping & Returns

Shipping Options

How quickly do you ship orders?

Do you ship to Europe?

Do you ship to Canada?


What is your returns policy?

Business Opportunities

Affiliate Program

Do you have an affiliate program?