The Scoop: August News from Wash Safe Industries

The Scoop: August News from Wash Safe Industries

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Welcome back to Wash Safe! Thanks for checking in to see what's new. Overall we've had a great summer and are going to pretend that it's not anywhere close to being over. Our team is small and tight-knit bunch and we've enjoyed our summer days in the office together (John has kept us busy) and appreciated the time outside the office with our friends and families on Cape Cod - the place we call home and home of our office. Here's what's new as of August 2018... 

What is there to do on Cape Cod? Lots! Here's how we enjoyed... 

Summer is our busy season — it's when all you homeowners and contractors are getting your homes in tip top shape. When we were not at the office fielding calls and inquiries for the best composite deck cleaner or how to clean a cedar roof, our team was enjoying our Cape Cod summer. We asked each team member to share their favorite day/activity of Summer 18. Here's what they said:

John R. - CEO

My best day was was a BBQ I had on Outer Beach. A close runner up would be a stripe bass fishing trip I did off the coast of Provincetown.

Judy - Office Manager

My best days were spent with my children and grandsons doing touristy things around Cape Cod. The beach and Dennisport House of Pizza make for a great summer day hosting family. 

John M. - Sales

For me, it's enjoying live music at Cape Cod's Melody tent. The venue is one of the oldest continuously-operating tent theaters-in-the-round in the US and some great performers made the roster this summer like Ziggy Marley, Eddie Money, Melissa Etheridge... there was even a chowder festival there.

Jen - Marketing Manager

It's hard to pick a favorite day from the Summer. Every day spent on Cape Cod is a happy one for me but I really enjoyed my swims at Breakwater Beach and trips to Nantucket via the ferry out of Harwich Port. I stop into Perks Coffee then it's just an hour ride to the island where I walk around and check out all the art and shops. 

Highlight: Receiving Your Before & Afters and Wash Safe Reviews

One of the highlights of our summer has been seeing your Before & Afters come in. We love to see the  transformative results you get using our Wash Safe products. One of the cherries, our very top pick if we had to pick one, was a project done by ZK Painting in Barrington, Rhode Island. Zack and his professional team restored this cedar shake roof on an Andreozzi Architects designed home by cleaning it using our Wash Safe Supreme. Do you have a before and after you'd like to share with us? Send to! Thank you Zack for sharing this one!

"Free Coffee on Us" Takes by Storm!

We sent our email subscribers buzzing when we sent out our very first summer scratch off cards. On each card was the chance to win free Starbucks coffee on us or a special exclusive discount to using a one-time-only promotion code? Didn't get a card? Make sure you're subscribed to the newsletter. There's still time for us to send you out one in the mail - just send us an email to with your address and the note "Send my scratch off card here please" and we'll get one out to you!

Top Products - Loved by You, Shipped by Us

Spray & Clean holds it's place as the #1 best selling composite deck cleaner at This product had to have cleaned thousands of decks this summer and continues to be a hot seller as we know the very best time to clean your deck can be in the Fall when temperatures are cooler, humidity is low and the sun is not out in full force. Other top products were our Outdoor Glass Cleaner which creates streak free windows (up to 30 ft) and our Cedar Wash, which is one of the best cleaners for restoring cedar shakes to like new color and condition. 

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