BE 1" 42 GPM Powerease Transfer Pump

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BE 1" 42 GPM Powerease Transfer Pump

Our portable specially outfitted 1” water pump can spray over 3 stories up in the air and is very durable. 

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This 2.5 horse power water pump is perfect for spraying roofs, siding or any surface with Wash Safe Industries cleaning solutions. Easily sprays 40+ feet up a roof, from the gutters edge this is far enough to coat any roof or from the ground spray up over 3 stories of siding.

The pump comes outfitted with the proper black iron/brass combination of reducers to reduce the 1” inflow and outflow to 5/8” which is garden hose size. Sometimes these reducers can be expensive ($10-15.00 each) and tough to find so we have taken the leg work out of it for you and included them with the pump.

The pump is ready to hooked up to a garden hose on one end and your solution tank on the other. This pump has a nice handle, it’s very portable or it can be fastened in place. These pumps are built to run all day long and can withstand years and years of work.

You could purchase larger 2 or 3” pumps with 8 to 15 HP but they all still need to be reduced down to 5/8th to fit a garden hose on them to do the spraying and only so much water at one time can fit through that opening at one time. The larger engines could bring slightly more spraying distance but we feel that 40ft is more than acceptable.

Key Points:    

  • Specially outfitted with reducers
  • Maximum Pressure of 37PSI
  • Aluminium Volute, Aluminum Impeller
  • Carbon Ceramic Mechanical Seal
  • Total Head Lift of 85'
  • Suction Head Lift of 20'


  • Engine: Powerease 2.5HP
  • Pump Type: Centrifugal, Aluminum
  • Discharge Capacity: 42GPM
  • Suction Port Diameter: 1" MNPT
  • Discharge Port Diameter: 1" MNPT

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