Chemical Tank Pump Kit

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Chemical Tank Pump Kit

Chemical mixing tank and pump combination, just add product and place a garden hose on the pump and you are ready to spray. For more information about starting or growing your own roof cleaning business, please visit our business opportunities page.

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Chemical Mixing Tank and Transfer Pump Combination Package

All you need is a garden hose and a garden hose spray nozzle and you are ready to apply chemicals to any surface.

This 30 Gallon mixing tank has a white lid that locks into place. This will help to ensure that no debris will enter into your cleaning solution. Also because the top can be completely be removed, you can mix the product by hand or as some contractors do by using their pressure washers wands. Just a couple minute blast or two from a pressure washer works just like a blender to completely activate the cleaning products.

The Pump is our new Power Ease 2.5 HP pump that has been fully outfitted with the proper reducers to be able to spray with a standard garden hose attached. The pump is strong enough to supply a 30ft spray distance, easily enough to spray any roof from the gutters edge or up over 3 stories of siding from the ground.

For years we have sold transfer pumps to contractors and spent hours daily on the phone explaining how to outfit a tank with a hose to connect to the transfer pump and where to purchase the right reducers to be able to hook up the garden hose. By adding this package we have eliminated hours of phone work for us and hours of assembly work by the purchaser.

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