Deck4Life Long Lasting Deck Coating

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Deck4Life Long Lasting Deck Coating

Deck4Life comes as a kit that includes our special ingredients that you add to a gallon of deck stain or paint to apply a beautiful long lasting deck coating.

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Long Lasting Protection

When we say Deck For Life, we mean it. With the Wash Safe Deck4Life Long Lasting Deck Coating, your wood, composite or concrete deck will be protected and look marvelous for many years to come.

An Important Part of the Solution

Deck4Life comes as kit that needs to be blended together with whatever stain you prefer. Mixed with one gallon of a solid or semi-solid latex deck stain (purchased at your local paint supplier or home improvement center), Deck4Life blends easily and is ready to apply in just minutes. Dries in 30 minutes, leaving a beautiful, durable stain.

 simply open the Deck4Life kit and empty all of the ingredients that are individually packed into the 5 gallon bucket that the Deck4Life kit comes packed in and mix contents together using a drill with a paint blending attachment. The only item that is not included in the kit is the deck stain. You will need to purchase one gallon of a solid or semi-solid latex deck stain from your local paint store, any color and any brand that you chose will work. Deck4Life blends easy and is ready to apply in just minutes and dries just 30 minutes later. A full step by step set of instructions will come with every Deck4Life resurfacing kit.

Perfect for All Types of Decks

Deck4Life can be applied to wood decking, composite decking, or concrete surfaces. It can make an ugly old deck, concrete patio or pool deck look new and beautiful. Deck4Life fills in every gap, groove or hole and keeps all those annoying splinters held down tight. Deck4Life will never peel, flake or chip. This is the last coating your deck surface will need.

Composite deck owners who suffer from black staining and spots from mold can retard mold stains forever with Deck4Life. Mold can grow inside of composite decking and rise to the top, but a composite deck coated with Deck4Life seals all that in, allowing nothing to grow up and through the ceramic Deck4Life surface. If your deck is covered with mold stains that you are tired of trying to clean, or if your deck is old and sun faded and you are looking for a new surfacing option, then Deck4Life is for you.

Wood deck owners who have an old deck that is full of cracks and has dangerous, annoying splinters sticking up from the surface can roll on a new surface with the Deck4Life coating. When rolled onto a wood deck, Deck4Life fills in all of the cracks and gaps, and keeps all the splinters tight to the wood and below the new surface. When Deck4Life is applied, your wood deck will look like new ceramic planks were laid down over your deck. The type of wood decking doesn’t matter, either. Deck4Life adheres to all wood surfaces like pressure treated lumber, mahogany, bamboo, pine, cedar and more.

Concrete decks — whether around a pool or as a patio — will look better than new with Deck4Life. The long-lasting coating is an excellent surface option: attractive to the eye, provides safety from slipping on the wet surfaces, and is extremely easy to keep clean. Deck4Life provides an easy to clean surface, so drips from grills or spilt food can be wiped up quick without permanent staining. Ashes or hot embers from a grill or fir pit will not hurt the surface.

Creates a Safe Surface

Deck4Life creates a surface that feels great on your feet. Deck4Life keeps the surface cool in even the warmest climates. Deck4Life exceeds ADA non-skid standards — a non-slip, non-skid texture that really helps people keep their footing but won’t hurt or scratch a child’s knees.

Watch this video for a full description of what you will receive, what you will need and see samples of a completed deck surface.

We offer a proven line of products to improve your Deck4Life application process. To preserve your warranty, use Deck Wash to clean your deck and Deck4Life Sealer to provide life-long weather protection.

Save Money with Deck4Life

Below are the current resurfacing costs for an average 12 x 18 foot deck (just over 200 sq ft), based on information provided by Remodeling Professionals. Why spend all that money when, for a small fraction, Deck4Life will provide a long lasting, beautiful coating on your current deck surface.

  Composite wood Pressure treated Cedar/redwood Exotic hardwood Deck4Life
Cost of decking materials per sq ft (not labor) $17.00-29.00 $7.50-9.00 $9.50-10.50 $18.00-35.00 $1.00
Labor to install per sq ft $19.00-$30.00 $13.50-17.00 $13.50-19.50 $19.00-$36.00 $4.00-5.00
Annual upkeep $75 $375 $375 $375 $45
Total cost per sq ft $36.00-$59.00 $21.00-$25.00 $23.00-$30.00 $37.00-$31.00 $5.00-$6.00
Total cost for job $7200-$11800 $4200-$5000 $4600-$7200 $7400-$6200 $1000-$1200

Deck4Life’s advancements make the difference that you can count on.

  1. FootSafe ™ non-slip technology that meets national ADA requirements
  2. Evercool™ surface cooling technology draws heat down thru the surface
  3. Woodlock ™ locks down splinters to the decking prior to coating

In addition to the cleaner that we provide, you can use Rust Stopper to treat any rusted metal that might be present on the surface.You should also consider buying a 5 gallon paint mixer drill attachment as well in order to properly mix the kit.

Easy to use. Kit contains complete instructions.

Use your own stain. Feel free to use whatever stain you wish (solid or semi-solid latex) to give your deck the color your desire.

Long lasting. Combined with our Deck4Life Sealer and easy, annual cleaning, your deck will look great for years!

Each Deck4Life kit covers 300-400 sq ft of wood, composite or concrete surface.

Mix with one gallon of solid or semi-solid latex deck stain (not included). For optimum mixing, use a 5 gallon paint mixer drill attachment.

Step-by-step application instructions

  1. Pressure wash the decking the surface of all wood, concrete and composite wood surfaces with Deck Wash to remove all debris, stains from mold and mildew and old deck stains.
  2. On all surfaces, remove all loose paint flakes and stain chips. All loose chips must be removed so the Deck4Life can adhere securely.

On wood decks

  1. Cut to the base any big long splinters of wood.
  2. Sand any top railings or rough textured areas.
  3. Caulk any joints of wood that are ¼ wide or less with “paintable white caulking” where railings join in corners or decking butt up together or any spot where the end of wood pieces butt another piece or wood.
  4. Set all raised nail or screw heads, if any nail or screw has rust or is not galvanized coat the nail head with Wash Safe Rust Stopper to keep rust from re-surfacing.

On all surfaces

  1. Apply painters tape to any area that you will be applying product against that you want to protect from spotting,
  2. Application instructions are in the kit package.
  3. Apply 2 coats to each surface first coat against the grain and the second coat with the grain.

Do not replace deck furniture for 24 hours.

All decks must be cleaned yearly with Deck Wash or our Spray & Wash Composite Deck Cleaner.

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