2 Gallon Clean n Seal Deck Sprayer

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2 Gallon Clean n Seal Deck Sprayer

2 Gallon Sealer Sprayer, with 3 different spray nozzles to ensure a perfect application.

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2 Gallon Clean n Seal Sprayer

This sprayer is perfect for sealers. It comes with 3 different tips to ensure the sealer goes on uniformly and in a spray pattern that you can control. Sprayers in general spray in a "cone" shape spray, which looks round coming out of the tip, the spray nozzles included with this sprayer spray in a "fan" type pattern. The "fanning" effect makes it easy to cut in around trim boards, windows, edges, landscaping, etc. The "cone" shape sprayers are great for spraying cleaner because the coverage diameter is greater but not so great for sealing.

This sprayer can also be used for spraying cleaner, so you do not have to purchase multiple sprayers. Just be sure to wash out completely with water prior to applying the sealer.

Wand length:  36"

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