4 Nozzle Flat Surface Cleaner

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4 Nozzle Flat Surface Cleaner

Increase your cleaning speed with this 4 nozzle flat surface cleaner, perfect for concrete and roofs.

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Other companies add bigger wheels and sell these cleaners for $200 to $300! Why pay that? This 4 nozzle cleaner is very durable and will do everything those high price cleaners will do.

Attach this cleaning nozzle to the end of any pressure washing wand and you can clean a lot of space in a little time. Attach it to a long extension wand and clean a roof from the ground or from the ridge. Pressure wash sidewalks and walkways in a couple of passes.

The unit has a thick steel wall that takes the impact of the water pressure dispersing the water down the sides and out the 4 nozzles. The impact on the steel wall creates more of a pressurized mist that exits the nozzles which is an excellent selling point when cleaning a roof with one of these 4 nozzle cleaners. You can show the homeowner the whole nozzle and explain how the water is converted into a mist limiting the possible damage to a roof.

This is a must have accessory for any pressure washing contractor.

Homeowners who like to keep their driveways clean will fall in love with this unit, it's fun and easy to use.

I personally used to use this attached to a 6' wand when I was cleaning roofs. Standing right on the roof I would start at the top, on the very top course of shingles, push the 4 nozzle cleaner out and back on the same course, then drop down a course and repeat. Doing this all the way down the roof to the gutter, with the extension of my arm I could clean a path 8 ft long and 20" wide in about 2 seconds, just push out and pull back in. The wheels keep it the perfect height off the roof and the wheels rest along the upper course of shingles using them as a guide to clean in a straight line.

The nozzles sit about 6" off the surface. The wheels are made of a hard rubber which is beneficial because I have used some others that had softer rubber wheels and the hot summer roofs melt them quickly. This will not happen with this unit.

Note: If you do buy one, 1/4" 45 degree elbows come in handy to alter the cleaning angle of the water instead of lifting your arms to change the angle. The elbows are usually cast iron or brass and cost only a few dollars but i found it well worth having them in my tool box. They attach between the wand and the nozzle.

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