Sneaker Magic

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Sneaker Magic

It’s like CPR for your sneakers, restore life back into your expensive sneaker investment with Wash Safe Sneaker Magic. Just add Sneaker Magic sneaker cleaner to water and soak the sneakers for a few hours and you'll see stains caused by dirt, grime, and organic debris just disappear, leaving your sneakers clean with bright colors and a fresh smell…just like new!

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Wash Safe's sneaker magic is an all-natural, organic, citrus scented cleaning solution. Our formula deodorizes and cleans without bleach or other harmful or thread and color destroying chemicals.

Whether you are a mom, sneaker collector, or just like having your sneakers look like new, our Sneaker Magic is easy to use and the perfect product to keep sneakers looking like new.

Simply dissolve 4 oz of sneaker magic in enough warm to hot water to submerge your sneakers, let them soak after gently brushing to loosen dirt and remove stains. They should be bright, fresh and clean in just a few short hours.

And with 8 uses of Sneaker Magic in every bottle, you'll have clean sneakers for years to come for the price of just on bottle!

Sneaker Wash is Easy to Use

Dirty sneakers

Choose sneakers to wash.


Add Sneaker Magic to 4 gallons of hot water and mix thoroughly.

Dirty Sneaker in Bucket

Place in water toe down.

Flip Sneakers

Flip sneakers 1/2 way through.

Let sneakers dry

Dry in the sun.

Clean sneakers

Clean sneakers, it's that easy.

  • - All Natural
  • - Citrus Scented
  • - Cleans and Deodorizes
  • - Easy to use -- just soak and clean!

32oz Sneaker Magic is good for 8 uses. 

Dissolve sneaker magic in enough hot water to submerge your sneakers. Remove and soak laces. Soak sneakers for two to four hours, rotating and flipping as needed. Brush while soaking to loosen dirt and remove stains. Sneakers may soak for up to FOUR hours with no ill effect.

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We Stand For you

You'll never find better, safer products for cleaning your home or business. Our unique formulations clean without harmful bleaches or chemicals.

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