Spray and Clean Deck Cleaner Ready to Use

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Spray and Clean Deck Cleaner (Ready to Use Hose End Bottle)

Our new hose end bottle of Spray and Clean Deck Cleaner is the quickest, easiest way to clean your composite or wood deck.

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This is our new, easy to use, hose end bottle spray bottle, no mixing just attach to the end of your garden hose and saturate your composite decking with the solution. Spray and Clean will cleans mold stains from all types of decking, it was designed for use on composite decking which is very hard to clean but will work equally good on any wood decking as well. Each bottle will clean up to 600 sq ft.

Do you have a composite deck that has black stains and spotting that you just can’t seem to get cleaned? Have you tried just about every possible deck cleaning product and option but just can’t seem to get the deck any cleaner? That's because of the porous nature of composite decking, the stains are “deep set” in the pores of decking, where you would think it would be impossible to clean but that's not the case, read on…

Typical composite deck cleaners and the most popular like Corte-Clean and the others only clean topically and may work well on surfaces but are ineffective at “deep set or below the surface” cleaning. These stains became a problem for composite deck customers because there wasn’t a history of cleaning the stains or a product that worked well, we understood composite decking, how it was made of a porous material and we created a product that would “penetrate” the surface unlike anything else and our Spray and Clean composite deck cleaner continues to receive 5 star reviews and personal emails thanking us from “now happy” home owners.

Composite decking is an excellent choice for decking material it’s beautiful, durable and it resists warping, rot and wood eating insects, composite decking will last a life time or longer, it just needs an occasional cleaning just like everything else in life does, Timbertech and Trex are the most popular brands that we sell our cleaner to their customers but the other brands are all basically the same make up. We have the only product that will clean your deck from top right thru the decking to the bottom.

Spray and Clean is the only composite deck cleaner capable of cleaning in this fashion. To formulate this product we had to use a small percentage of chlorine bleach but only 5%, the chlorine is transported into the pores of the composite decking by a special formula of transporting surfactant chemicals that are only used in Spray and Clean where it can remove the stains within the pores of the decking without scrubbing.

The picture shows the just how fast composite deck cleaner works to remove stains caused by mold and mildew.

If you have this problem on your composite decking, try Spray and Clean and your worries and stains will go away. Most customers are so frustrated and afraid to try yet another deck cleaner because they have tried everything and nothing has worked. That's our typical customer who is now a satisfied customer. We also stand behind all of our claims and products and offer a full refund if you are unhappy for any reason with the results. Give us a shot; you will be glad that you did.

As you spray the Spray n Clean on your deck you will see instantly that the stains are disappearing

If you are tired of cleaning your deck and wish that your deck would look beautiful always, without those ugle mold stains, considering re-surfacing your decking with our newest product called "Deck4Life", roll it on just like a thick paint, it's very easy to do and it last forever and is mold resistant. Read about it by clicking on this link. Deck4Life


Easy to use hose end bottle!

One bottle covers 600 sq ft of decking

Attach bottle to a garden hose and turn on the water. The turn valve on the bottle should be in the off position. Break small valve stopper by bending outward, aim the bottle towards the center of the deck, turn valve to on position, after saturating your deck stop and let the product work, re-applying where needed, use a pressure washer or deck scrub brush to scrub the deck where needed. Turn valve to water and rinse the deck after scrubbing. Repeat as needed.

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We Stand For you

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